C-BIRD Study visit Report (December, 2015)


The context within which C-BIRD project operates embeds policy context, country specific environment and scientific background on the role and the impact of cooperative development.The present report is part of the results achieved and is to present the main history, principles and development of cooperatives in the countries-partners of the C-BIRD project. Moreover the history and theory of, and the problems associated with cooperativism in rural areas is presented, as well as the role of the policy, the extension service, and various actors involved in rural development is investigated.


Report December 2015.

C-BIRD Mid-term Review Meeting October 2015


The C-BIRD Mid-term Review Meeting was held on 15th of October, 2015 at the University of Almería, Faculty of Economics and Business, Almeria, Spain. Planned as a constructive dialogue between the C-Bird Consortium partners, research fellows and the Research Executive Agency, the meeting gave a comprehensive overview on the main project results – research and scientific achievements, transfer of knowledge and dissemination activities, impact and social value, and management as well.

The meeting was attended by the C-Bird fellows: Darina Zaimova and Julia Doitchinova (Trakia University), Giulia Galera and Jacopo Sforzi (EURICSE), Cynthia Giagnocavo, Emilio Galdeano Gómez and Juan Carlos Pérez Mesa (UAL), Mary O'Shaughnessy (UCC), Anelia Vateva (Agroconsult - Engineering EOOD), María Dolores Guillén Salmerón (COEXPHAL), Milos Colic and Ana Petrovic (Zip Centar za mlade biznis inkubator DOO); and the appointed by the REA external evaluator – Athina Markantoni.

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C-BIRD study visits report - 2015


The purpose of the report is to continue sharing the experience the C-Bird researchers gained during their secondments, as well as presenting lessons learned during this exchange process.

The study visits organized have additionally contributed to showcase the most recent and particular development trends in cooperative practice and research and provided the opportunity to network and to expand the understanding of cooperativism and the motivations for the cooperative action in rural areas.


C-BIRD study visits report - 2015

C-BIRD study visits report - 2014

This report is to summarize and exchange the experience and the good practices generated during the study visits organized in the country-partners of the C-BIRD project as planned in the work-programme and WP1 RESEARCHER TO COMMERCIAL PARTNER (R2CP)”and WP2 COMMERCIAL PARTNER TO RESEARCH CENTRES (CP2R)”.


C-BIRD study visits report - 2014