Agroconsult-Engineering EOOD

Agroconsult-Engineering EOOD (BULGARIA) was established in 1999 in Stara Zagora and is one of the leaders on the Bulgarian market in consulting, complex technical engineering solutions and innovative technologies for equipment of livestock buildings and processing plants for animal products, and delivering high-quality genetics. Agroconsult Engineering Ltd has adhered to its mission of offering business expertise that enables the value added agricultural ventures (private companies, cooperatives) to succeed. Since establishment, they have grown to service all areas of Bulgaria and have gained the reputation for providing sound practical advice that recognises the personal and financial constraints under which a farm business may be operating. While their core business remains farm based, focusing in particular on the drivers of profit, their services are being called on ever more frequently by the animal breeding sector in general, to provide training, facilitation and expertise in project development and management. Their network of consultants maintains excellent contact with government agencies, business and academia. While a strong technical competence is essential to running a farming enterprise, it is the business acumen of the managers that will create the profits and drive the successful enterprise forward. Assessing business strategy is an essential part of the work that the company undertakes. Allied to this process, their consultants are regularly involved in tendering for new opportunities and in the reorganisation of the current business to obtain the best from the resources available.