University of Almeria

University of Almeria - SPAIN

The UAL (University of Almeria - SPAIN), founded in 1993 (until then, existing as a college of the University of Granada) is particularly dedicated to research and activities in the area of agriculture and development - viable food production, sustainable management of natural resources and climate action, and balanced territorial development. Since its inception, UAL has developed alongside the local cooperative and social economy, providing services to and learning from the cooperative (agricultural and credit) and small to medium business enterprises that are integral to the community. UAL has followed the expansion of the cooperative sector in Almeria reflecting such experience through a focus on both local enterprise and increasingly more international competitive pressures, all of which demand ongoing investigation of change processes. The UAL is a member of the EU recognized International Campus of Excellence in Agroalimentation and has numerous degree programs related to agriculture, management and applied economics, various Masters in social economy, innovation, and agricultural management and many subjects in both business and agricultural degrees related to social enterprise and innovation.